Sunday, February 21, 2010

Block 1 (and 2) for Pinwheel Quilt Along

Here's my blocks for P.S. I quilt's "pinwheel quilt along".
I'm using "Verna" by Kate Spain. My solids are a white sheet from Ikea and a Beige sheet from Ikea.  Not too sure how I like the beige but I wanted to try something different than just the basic white.  In the Verna line there are some tanish/beige accents, so I thought this may work. It's definitely not the same color as you can see in the block on the left, but the hint of that color is in some of the printed fabrics. I think as a whole it will be fine. If not, who cares! This quilt it going to be for me!


  1. i heart that you are using verna.
    i'm just gonna pretend that it's my quilt you are making.

  2. You can never go wrong w/Verna!

    It is going to be cute no matter what...:0)

  3. I love these pinwheels. My favorite is definitely the orange and tan block! :)

  4. LOVE...everything about them...went with a more scrappy look, using two different solids...and oh yeah, VERNA!

  5. I think they're lovely and very coordinated! They blend the colors and patterns well together!

    Great eye for color and awesome job sewing!


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