Thursday, February 18, 2010

some scraps + 1 day = 1 awesome quilt!

Inspired by this and this, I made this:
I received a baby announcement a couple days ago from a fellow Navy wife that just had a baby girl. For her 1st born son,  Ryan, I crocheted a baby blanket for him. I just didn't have time to crochet one for baby Nora, so I thought about it a bit and whipped this beauty up in one day. All of it, including the binding! Today it got washed and got it's picture taken and I'll mail it off tomorrow. I LOVE this quilt and I see more in my future. My 6 year old saw it and exclaimed, "Is that for me??!! I want one!! It's so pretty!" So....she'll probably get one soon. 

One of the things I really love about this quilt it that it's entirely made from scraps and my stash. What a wonderful way to use up all those little scraps! Quilt measures: 34" x 40"
These pictures were taken as the sun was shining through our patio window. I like how it shows the texture of the quilt.
The backing is a simple dot fabric that I think is perfect for a little girl.


  1. Really well done! I've seen a few of these kinds of quilts and they're pure genius :-) Easy, quick - and oh so yummy!

  2. That sounds like something my son would say.....great quilt...I still need to work on a better stash before I can whip one up!

  3. that is a darling darling quilt! I love the backing a lot too!

  4. Oh...that is going to be one lucky Little Girl!

    Great job using all of your scraps.

    Go Navy!

  5. Oh my gosh...never did I wish I could find my pinking shears more than I do RIGHT NOW!

    I've wanted to make one of these quilts since the first time I saw one...but I've been putting it off. But I can't live another second without one now that I've seen yours. So, so beautiful!

  6. Simply beautiful...this is one i have on my very long to do list :)

  7. How very clever and creative! What a lovely, thoughtful and generous baby gift!

    Bless your heart!

  8. Such a genius way to use scraps!

  9. Gorgeous work.
    You could call this quilt "Little scraps of happiness".
    Andi :-)


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