Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Winnie the Poo"

I've had this top done for a long time. It's been sitting around waiting to be quilted. I'm not super crazy about it. I had a few Winnie fat quarters and had no idea what to do with them, so I played around a bit. After I finished a few squares, I was pretty much done with these. So I ended up setting them amongst some unbleached muslin. Then pieced the back. I like the back better than the front, I think!
(the back looks a little crooked near the bottom but it's really not. It's the way it is hung and is draped)

Here's a couple close-ups of 2 of the blocks

This quilt is being donated to an auction fundraiser for my husband's uncle who is running for Sheriff in the town he grew up in. Hopefully they will get something for it!


  1. Now look who's pushing out a quilt a week ;-). Sweet!

  2. Lisa, only because I'm trying to finish up stuff I've had 1/2 way done forever! I have 3 other tops done, just need to be quilted. Hopefully I'll get those done soon, as well. I just hate doing the sandwiching and I've been putting it off.

  3. It is cute! It is always nice to try something different even if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to. I had the same issue this weekend...I made something and then hated it!

    Good luck w/the auction.


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